Epistore project aims for super-compact fuel cells

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Published : 1 February 2021

The goal of the four-year EU Epistore project, which started in January, will be to develop a 3-cm cube-shaped reversible fuel cell that delivers 1 kW of power and stores energy produced from renewable sources. Grenoble-based LMGP got involved because of its deep knowledge of thin films. The “cube” will actually be made up of around 30 individual cells, each built from nanometric layers (two for the electrode, plus one layer for the electrolyte).

LMGP’s researchers are placing their bets on well-known materials deposited using MOCVD or spatial ALD. They will also be using advanced characterization methods, including the ESRF synchrotron in Grenoble, to observe the stacks’ electrochemical behavior. These ultra-compact batteries operate at just 500 °C, as opposed to 700 °C to 800 °C for fuel cells with more conventional form factors.

Contact: monica.burriel@grenoble-inp.fr

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