Spintec spearheading the international spintronics roadmap

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Published : 2 February 2021

Spintec is shaping the future of spintronics research, with Scientific Director Bernard Diény (first author) and four other Spintec researchers among the sixteen authors of the international spintronics roadmap published in Nature Electronics in 2020. The roadmap highlights a major trend: Spintronics, once only for data storage, is now making inroads into microelectronics.

MRAM memory has already entered volume production at Samsung, Intel, and other major manufacturers. High-density, low-power chips made by integrating spintronic devices onto CMOS components are currently under development. And Spintronics also has a role to play in radio frequency and terahertz communication technologies. Spintec is doing much more than just writing papers about these transformations: The lab is contributing actively through its own research programs and through a partnership with CEA-Leti.

Contact: ricardo.sousa@cea.fr

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