Exagan’s first products leverage GaN technology

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Published : 1 October 2018

Startup Exagan unveiled its first two products, the G-FETTM power transistor and the G-DRIVETM smart switch, at the PCIM trade fair in Germany.  The products are easy to integrate into USB-C fast chargers for smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, and other electronic devices. The number of fast chargers is expected to be in the billions by 2021. Exagan is banking on its gallium nitride on silicon (GaN) technology, which it developed in partnership with Leti, to carve out a choice position on this growing market. The material ensures optimal conversion efficiency and keeps heat to a minimum. It also lets product designers position smart functions like diagnostics, management, and self-security very close to the transistor. Exagan plans to develop seven generic versions of its G-FETTM and G-DRIVETM for volume markets.


Contact: frederic.dupont@exagan.com

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