Greenhouse gases could soon be monitored using LiDAR

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Published : 4 February 2022

In research for the H2020 Holdon project, CEA-Leti developed a LiDAR for observing greenhouse gases CO2 and methane from space.
Built with a III-V (HgCdTe) detector and CMOS read circuit, the device’s operating range is between the UV and NIR spectra.
With single-photon sensitivity and a dynamic range of six to seven orders of magnitude, the LiDAR’s performance is nothing short of exceptional.
It will be used for research purposes, providing data on greenhouse gas emissions, fluxes, and capture.
The companies participating in this European project will also have their needs in weather forecasting, biology, and materials science met. Project partners Airbus and École Polytechnique will soon receive their LiDAR demonstrators.


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