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February 2022

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IMEP-LaHC fine-tunes nanocircuit noise simulation

Verilor, a current fluctuation (noise) simulation software module that faithfully reproduces the phenomenon for nano-scale circuits, was developed by...

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Turbulence in superfluid helium-4

Physicists at Irig recently looked at how to measure turbulence flow velocity in superfluid helium-4, experimenting with two techniques...

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Tenfold reduction in ReRAM cell variability

A solution to the problem of excessive variability in ReRAM (resistive memory) could be found in Mott insulators, metals...

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Rose to develop artificial nose for patients suffering from loss of smell

Since September, CEA-Leti and startup Aryballe have been contributing to the European Rose project to design a miniaturized artificial...

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Wireless technology unleashes avalanche detonators

CEA-Leti will present an electronic detonator system with bidirectional radio modules at the Mountain Planet trade show in Grenoble...

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Silver nanowire arrays not as unstable as previously thought

Silver nanowires, in the running to replace transparent indium tin oxide electrodes, are plagued by instability under electrical and/or...

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Top news

Clinatec Endowment Fund investigating new treatments for Parkinson’s

Deep brain stimulation and infrared illumination appear to be effective at treating Parkinson’s disease. But why? The Clinatec Endowment Fund, through a new research project called Astropark, is looking for insights the cellular mechanisms at play in neurons and astrocytes.

Deep brain stimulation, shown to significantly reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, has been used on tens of thousands of Parkinson’s patients since it was invented 30 years ago by Professor Alim-Louis...

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Interview: Léa Di Cioccio, head of the eco-innovation program at CEA-Leti,

We are supporting the development of more sustainable technologies

CEA-Leti offers eco-innovation studies to some of its R&D partners. Why? Léa Di Cioccio:
Environmental regulations–both in France and across Europe–are one of the factors driving demand for this kind of study among our R&D partners.
SMEs have expressed a real need for support.
Fabless manufacturers are seeking insights that will help them work more effectively with semiconductor foundries.
And, while reducing carbon emissions is still their priority, corporations are also getting curious about leveraging...

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LEDs in the race against mercury for UV-C emission

A recent paper by researchers from Irig and Institut Néel presents a method for creating quantum wells in GaN/AlGaN...

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The physics of stacked graphene layers is both rich and unpredictable

When two layers of graphene are stacked, even the tiniest misalignment can slow electrons down or bring them to...

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Greenhouse gases could soon be monitored using LiDAR

In research for the H2020 Holdon project, CEA-Leti developed a LiDAR for observing greenhouse gases CO2 and methane from...

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Grenoble INP, UGA engineering students for the energy transition

A cohort of 28 third-year students at Grenoble INP, UGA engineering schools—including three from Grenoble INP - Phelma, UGA—recently...

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Augmented reality through almost-normal glasses could soon be here

CEA-Leti outlined a bold vision for augmented reality glasses in three papers it presented at SPIE Photonics West in...

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CEA-Leti ready to dive into even more European projects

The EU Horizon 2020 program turned out to be especially productive for CEA-Leti, with 184 projects securing €192 million...

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Spintec unveils high-potential memristor for neuromorphic computing

Spintec recently completed a proof-of-concept of a promising memristor that could be used as an artificial synapse in neuromorphic...

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Primo1D presents E-Thread at RFID Journal Live 2014 in Orlando

Grenoble-based start-up Primo1D exhibited at RFID Journal Live 2014 held in Orlando, Florida on April 8–10, taking advantage of the opportunity...

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Y.Spot Partners full to capacity on opening day

Virtually all of the Y.Spot Partners building had been leased before it opened.
The main tenants are HP France (600...

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Alten the latest Phelma partner

Grenoble INP - Phelma, UGA signed a one-year partnership agreement with global engineering and information systems strategy and development...

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Grenoble INP - UGA on the race to zero emissions

Grenoble INP - UGA has joined the Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges alongside more than 1,000 institutions...

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