Interview: Léa Di Cioccio, head of the eco-innovation program at CEA-Leti

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Published : 4 February 2022

We are supporting the development of more sustainable technologies

CEA-Leti offers eco-innovation studies to some of its R&D partners. Why? Léa Di Cioccio:
Environmental regulations–both in France and across Europe–are one of the factors driving demand for this kind of study among our R&D partners.
SMEs have expressed a real need for support.
Fabless manufacturers are seeking insights that will help them work more effectively with semiconductor foundries.
And, while reducing carbon emissions is still their priority, corporations are also getting curious about leveraging design and R&D.

What are you focusing on to make your technologies greener?
New economic models around repair, reuse, recycling, and renting rather than owning are starting to emerge. So, we will have to do R&D differently. There are at least three things we can focus on in terms of technology: reducing power consumption, something we have been working on for years, finding substitutes for rare and critical materials, and using those manufacturing processes that have the greatest impact on the environment as little as possible.

Is this something you hope to do with all of your partners eventually?

It is up to policymakers to create the impetus for change. Our role is to raise awareness, make recommendations, and work with other stakeholders, starting here at home, where we are working together with institutes and departments across the CEA organization.
In 2022 we would like to integrate eco-innovation into all our research. This would be a first step toward developing more sustainable technology.


CEA-Leti will run an eco-innovation workshop featuring outside speakers on March 9 and 10. Anyone can attend.
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