Grenoble INP, UGA engineering students for the energy transition

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Published : 4 February 2022

A cohort of 28 third-year students at Grenoble INP, UGA engineering schools—including three from Grenoble INP – Phelma, UGA—recently completed the first semester of a course called Piste to promote technologically-frugal and environmentally-responsible engineering*.
We will have to rethink our production systems to effectively address today’s social and environmental challenges. This course does just that!
Students take a system-level approach to the issues, learning new concepts in class that they then implement in group projects addressing the needs of a business, nonprofit, or public service through a frugal solution that represents a shift away from the conventional growth model.
This semester, students completed projects on a summer cooling solution for existing homes and low-tech food preservation systems, for instance.

*course offered by Grenoble INP – Ense3, UGA; learn more at:


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