IMEP-LaHC fine-tunes nanocircuit noise simulation

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Published : 4 February 2022

Verilor, a current fluctuation (noise) simulation software module that faithfully reproduces the phenomenon for nano-scale circuits, was developed by a PhD candidate at IMEP-LaHC.
When circuits are miniaturized, low frequency noise, detrimental to performance and reliability, increases.
The “flicker noise” models currently used for larger circuits are not very representative of noise measured on nanocircuits in the lab.
Verilor breaks low-frequency noise down into a superposition of Lorentzian spectral noises.
The results of the simulation correspond to the variability of the measured signal and the total signal strength.
Verilor is now available to the scientific community.
Angeliki Tataridou, the PhD student who developed Verilor, won a Best Student Paper award at the Essderc 2021 conference.


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