Wireless technology unleashes avalanche detonators

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Published : 4 February 2022

CEA-Leti will present an electronic detonator system with bidirectional radio modules at the Mountain Planet trade show in Grenoble in April.
Communicating via a special protocol, the system wirelessly and remotely controls several detonations synchronized to within a tenth of a second, with a success rate of 100%.
The technology was originally developed for Davey Bickford, the leading global provider of blasting solutions to the mining industry, and has been proven in several field tests by the company.
Ski resort operators are also interested in the solution as a way to set off the controlled avalanches frequently used to prevent real ones.
With some adaptations, the system could be used by ski patrols to remove excess snow load exactly where they need to, minus the hassle of wires and at a safe distance from the explosives.

Contact: camille.giroud@cea.fr

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