Rose to develop artificial nose for patients suffering from loss of smell

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Published : 4 February 2022

Since September, CEA-Leti and startup Aryballe have been contributing to the European Rose project to design a miniaturized artificial nose.
The innovation will help the staggering 20% of the world’s population who have lost or partially lost their sense of smell due to Covid-19 or other illnesses.
CEA-Leti is developing ultrasound transducers that contain silicon membranes that vibrate at their own frequency.
Aryballe will deposit biochemical material onto the membranes that will trap specific olfactory molecules, changing the vibration frequency.
Designed to make patients’ lives better and safer (by alerting them to hazards like gas leaks and toxic substances), the miniaturized artificial nose will measure less than one square centimeter and detect 16 or 64 families of smells.


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