INAC develops first-ever quantum-dot nanotubes

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Published : 2 October 2017

What do you get when you take a GaN nanowire, add a very thin layer of InAlN, and then heat the GaN to make it disappear? An InAlN nanotube! And if you use a nanowire covered with multiple layers of InAlN/GaN, you get a nanotube whose walls are made up of quantum dots! The quantum-dot nanotubes were developed by researchers from INAC in conjunction with EFPL in Lausanne. Quantum dots are heterostructure semiconductors just several nanometers thick that are very efficient light emitters. When used in LEDs and lasers, for example, quantum dots are often made on flat surfaces. These first-ever quantum-dot nanotubes will pave the way to new flexible optical devices ranging from UV emitters to biological sensors.



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