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October 2017

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More reliable, compact LED lamps

LED lamps offer a theoretical lifespan of around 50,000 hours of operation. In actual practice, however, LED lifespans are much shorter....
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The quest for the qubit continues

Sensitive, compact systems capable of reading quantum states will be crucial to industry’s transition to quantum computing. Researchers from INAC and...
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Unidirectional spin waves

The limits of conventional electronic systems will soon be reached, and scientists are on the lookout for new solutions, one of...
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SigmaFusion™ meets automotive-industry reliability standards

SigmaFusionTM, Leti’s data fusion system, was successfully embedded into Infineon’s Aurix microcontrollers, the first time Sigma Fusion has been executed on...
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Very-high-density optically reconfigurable gate arrays

Like electrical networks, optical telecommunications networks must be reconfigurable so that the signal can be routed to meet the needs of...
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Graphene and spintronics come together

Graphene offers some pretty amazing properties that could really enhance spintronic devices. But how do you inject a spin-polarized current into...
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Top news

Parvis des sciences fair turns ten!

The tenth annual Parvis des sciences science fair will be held on October 19–21, 2017 at MINATEC.
And, with ample opportunities to look, touch, experiment, and ask questions, there is sure to be something for each of the 3,000 visitors expected this year. Thursday and Friday—for school groups only—are already fully booked. A total of 26 grade four and five classes will visit this year (up from nineteen last year). However,...

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Interview: Marie-Noëlle Semeria, Director, Leti,

Microelectronics is Leti’s home playing field

Leti just turned 50. What are the institute’s priorities today?

Leti’s goal is to leverage the 300 mm platform and advances in FDSOI to remain a leader in miniaturization technologies. Microelectronics is Leti’s home playing field. It is a diverse topic that offers many opportunities to integrate, transfer, and transpose new technology. True to Leti’s pioneering spirit, the institute intends to explore these opportunities to drive advances in technology. Innovation is a...

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Remote-controlled nanotweezer arrays

Researchers at INAC developed micromanipulators to form an array of submicrometric tweezers that can be remote-controlled simultaneously. The researchers took advantage...
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INAC develops first-ever quantum-dot nanotubes

What do you get when you take a GaN nanowire, add a very thin layer of InAlN, and then heat the...
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Iprasense introduces high-throughput cell culture monitoring

The high-throughput Cytonote Cell counter, released in July 2017 by Iprasense, lets labs monitor up to 96 cell cultures in parallel...
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Growing numbers of Phelma students opt for work-study programs

Work-study programs are increasingly popular at Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school. This year, 21 students were admitted into the...
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Women in Science competition: Now is the time to enter

To promote the “Women in Science” collection recently created at the Phelma library, APMST, a French non-profit group promoting gender equality...
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Three up-and-coming CNRS researchers hired by FMNT

In the space of just a year the FMNT (Federation for Micro and Nanotechnology) has hired three up-and-coming CNRS researchers, all...
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Nano@school 2016–2017 served 610 high-school students

The 2016–2017 academic year was a good one for the Nano@school educational outreach program, which served 610 science-track high-school students—including around...
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OPE)N(RA, the FMNT’s new characterization platform

The FMNT (Federation for Micro and Nanotechnology) has brought its functional characterization equipment together at the OPE)N(RA platform. The open-access, multidisciplinary...
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BHT-2: Construction to begin in November

Real estate development company Léon Grosse signed a construction lease with the CEA on June 21, 2017 for the new High-Tech...
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Industrial partners host CEA Tech travelling showroom

The CEA Tech Grenoble showroom and regional centers have been around for six years already! Beginning this year, CEA Tech industrial...
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Grenoble Institute of Technology Foundation new programs

The Grenoble Institute of Technology Foundation has introduced two new programs for businesses. The first, called MyFondation, supports students involved in...
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Ribbon cut on Predictive Simulation Center

Leti, Liten, and INAC cut the ribbon on the new Predictive Simulation Center on September 25, 2017. The cross-disciplinary center, staffed...
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NanoMada: MINATEC exports its know-how to Madagascar

The MINATEC Nanolab consortium (which includes the CEA, MINATEC, CIME Nanotech, and 40-30), created to support developing countries, is helping to...
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Rotary Club finances 3D bioprinter

The Rotary Club wrote Grenoble-Alpes University a check for €37,000 to support research on 3D bioprinting of engineered skin conducted in...
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Convergence banking on autonomous portable testing devices

The EU R&D project Convergence, coordinated by EPFL in Lausanne, brings together a consortium of seventeen partners, including Grenoble Institute of...
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New introductory-level book on electronic measurement systems

Davide Bucci is a lecturer at Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school, where he teaches several electronics, microelectronics, and guided...
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Sciencetips science newsletter backed by the CEA

The Artips publishing company’s free art and music newsletters count an impressive 500,000 subscribers. In May, Artips introduced a science newsletter...
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CIME to celebrate Science Week in Voiron!

Leti and STMicroelectronics retirees in Voiron turned to CIME Nanotech to help local volunteers bring Science Week back to Voiron after...
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Fraunhofer and Leti sign novel microelectronics partnership

Berlin-based Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics and Leti signed a new partnership agreement at Leti Innovation Days in June. The agreement will...
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Grenoble strengthens ties with Latin America

 The NanoAndes school has been held every year since 2010. This November, a new school, MEMS-AL, will kick off in Bogota....
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Nexio boosts Pheline testing lab’s capacities

Electromagnetic compatibility expert Nexio, Grenoble-Alpes University labs IMEP-LaHC and G2Elab, and construction-industry R&D center CTSB in Grenoble have joined forces to...
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WTC and Maison MINATEC join forces to boost event capacity

The World Trade Center (of the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce) and Maison MINATEC are just 750 meters away from each other....
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The sixth Challenge First Step in six projects

In June the Challenge First Step jury selected six potential startups from Leti and Liten. The project leaders received support with...
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LXRepair brings in €1.1 million

Startup LXRepair, a CEA spinoff founded in 2013, has just raised €1.1 million in capital from investors Kreaxi, CEA-Investissement, XPAND Investissement...
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Morphosense earns kudos at i-LAB 2017 competition

Morphosense, a company specializing in the structural monitoring of infrastructures like bridges, dams, and tunnels, earned kudos at the national i-LAB...
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Diabeloop raises €13.5 million to develop artificial pancreas

Grenoble-based startup Diabeloop, founded in partnership with Leti and diabetes research center CERITD to develop an artificial pancreas for insulin-dependent diabetics, raised...
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5,200 runners expected at 2017 Grenoble Ekiden marathon

The Grenoble Ekiden relay marathon has reached record levels of popularity this year, with nearly 5,200 runners expected—that’s 60 six-runner teams...
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MagIA Diagnostics revolutionizes ELISA immunological test

MagIA Diagnostics, a startup spun off from G2Elab, LMPG, Institut Néel, and IAB in 2017, develops fast, easy-to-use immunological tests that...
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