NanoMada: MINATEC exports its know-how to Madagascar

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Published : 2 October 2017

The MINATEC Nanolab consortium (which includes the CEA, MINATEC, CIME Nanotech, and 40-30), created to support developing countries, is helping to set up a micro and nanotechnology lab in Madagascar.

The project includes the 2017 NanoMada school to be held in Antananarivo from November 9–14. Some 50 Master’s and PhD students will attend lecture and lab classes on renewable energy and nanomaterials taught by research scientists from Leti, Liten, and INAC with the support of Grenoble-Alpes University via the IDEX instrument of the French government’s economic stimulus package. The curriculum covers everything from solar cells and batteries to nanoparticle synthesis. The session will wrap up with a two-day conference on healthcare, photovoltaics, and materials—the research topics the future lab in Madagascar will address.




ERRATUM 2017/10/27

Because of the sanitary situation in the country,  the government of Madagascar has taken prevention measures, such as the suspension of any gatherings and public events until further notice, we are in the obligatioto conform to these measures. After discussion with the main partners, it was been decided to reorganize the event and to postpone the NanoMada school from 05 to 10 April 2018, and the International Colloquium on Micro-nanotechnology on April 11th and 12th, 2018.

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