Rotary Club finances 3D bioprinter

Categorie(s) : Innovation & Society, News, Research

Published : 2 October 2017

The Rotary Club wrote Grenoble-Alpes University a check for €37,000 to support research on 3D bioprinting of engineered skin conducted in partnership with the CEA and Grenoble University Medical Center. INAC and BIG, also involved in the research, helped select the bio printer, a latest-generation Cellink BIO X.

The research aims to engineer human skin models using a 3D printer and bio-ink made up of living skin cells. In the short term, the engineered skin could replace animal testing in the cosmetics industry. In the longer term, the technology could lead to human skin reconstruction right in the operating room. Finally, diseased skin could be printed and used for drug discovery screening assays.



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