OPE)N(RA, the FMNT’s new characterization platform

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Published : 3 October 2017

OPE)N(RA, the FMNT’s new characterization platform

The FMNT (Federation for Micro and Nanotechnology) has brought its functional characterization equipment together at the OPE)N(RA platform. The open-access, multidisciplinary facility is home to a comprehensive set of measurement equipment that can be used to study the functional properties of materials, components, sensors, circuits, and systems for applications ranging from electronics, spintronics, photovoltaics, integrated sensors, and energy harvesting to integrated photonics and telecommunications. The platform offers access to its instruments, of course. But users can also benefit from support with collaborative research/R&D projects, both academic and industrial. The FMNT website has a list of the equipment available at the platform



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