Parvis des sciences fair turns ten!

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Published : 2 October 2017

The tenth annual Parvis des sciences science fair will be held on October 19–21, 2017 at MINATEC.
And, with ample opportunities to look, touch, experiment, and ask questions, there is sure to be something for each of the 3,000 visitors expected this year. Thursday and Friday—for school groups only—are already fully booked. A total of 26 grade four and five classes will visit this year (up from nineteen last year). However, the organizers at GIANT had to turn away 62 other classes. The high school slots were equally popular: a total of fifteen classes registered this year, up from five last year. GIANT is looking into adding a third schools-only day in 2018 to respond to the explosion in demand! The general public is welcome on Saturday and entry is free of charge.
What’s new at this year’s Parvis des sciences? First of all, two companies, STMicroelectronics and Poma, will be exhibiting. There will also be an introductory-level workshop on bibliographic research, which should appeal to high-school juniors in particular, as bibliographic research is a skill they need for their individual student projects. The number of lab tours is also on the rise this year, with CIME Nanotech and LMGP opening their doors. Finally, visitors who need to give their feet a rest can have a seat in the Auditorium, where science videos will be playing non-stop throughout the event.
GIANT focused massively on online communication to get the word out about the tenth annual Parvis des sciences, rolling out a dedicated website and Facebook page. The website contains all the practical information visitors will need to get ready for the event, with descriptions of the exhibit booths and tours, plus an interactive map of the venue so that people can find their way on the day of the event!


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