Three up-and-coming CNRS researchers hired by FMNT

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Published : 2 October 2017

In the space of just a year the FMNT (Federation for Micro and Nanotechnology) has hired three up-and-coming CNRS researchers, all of whom passed very selective competitive exams at the national level—proof of the quality of FMNT’s research and the attractiveness of its labs. Two research scientists joined FMNT’s LMGP lab in February: Monica Burriel is investigating the potential of perovskites and their derivatives, especially for use in resistive memory, and Élisa Migliorini is developing biomimetic platforms to analyze cell regeneration mechanisms. Christoforos Theodorou will join IMEP-LaHC in October. He will be assigned to one of the lab’s flagship topics: low-frequency noise and dynamic variability.



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