Nexio boosts Pheline testing lab’s capacities

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Published : 3 October 2017

Electromagnetic compatibility expert Nexio, Grenoble-Alpes University labs IMEP-LaHC and G2Elab, and construction-industry R&D center CTSB in Grenoble have joined forces to boost the Pheline electromagnetic testing lab’s capacities. A vocational degree program in electromagnetic compatibility testing was set up at CTSB in 2016, followed by an electronics design workshop specializing in electromagnetic fields in 2017.
The Pheline testing lab will now benefit from Nexio’s innovative testing equipment and resources (including a near-field scanner) and will be able to support businesses on all EMC and RF issues at all stages of their electronic equipment and systems development processes. Pheline’s objective is to improve product quality and reduce certification times and costs.


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