INSTN offers online courses on eco-innovation for the circular economy

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Published : 3 October 2021

INSTN is a center for training in nuclear science and engineering. That hasn’t changed.
However, the institute has been expanding its course offering into other areas in recent years.
The latest addition is a series of three online courses developed in partnership with the CEA Technology Research Division on eco-innovation. They are intended for project developers, engineers, technicians, and anyone in charge of doing lifecycle analyses (LCAs).
The core concepts are taught as they relate to research and innovation projects.
INSTN is also supporting CEA-Leti’s pivot toward hardware for quantum computing, and has developed a one-day course for CEA-Leti employees new to R&D projects in this emerging field. The course covers quantum physics basics and is designed to ensure that all employees share the same common core of knowledge.

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