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October 2021

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New accelerator at Ganil gets high-precision control system

Ganil* in Caen has a new superconducting linear accelerator. Researchers at Irig recently tackled the challenge of achieving millibar-precision...

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Photonic chips: toward high-throughput alignment of optical fibers

In research for the European Union H2020 Pixapp project, CEA-Leti scientists have developed a sub-micron-precision passive automated microlens alignment...

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OxRAM memory almost ready to scale up for manufacturing

Rapid advances in resistive oxide memory (OxRAM) could soon put the technology on manufacturers’ production lines.
In a recent demonstration...

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Creating and manipulating skyrmions with helium ions

Researchers from Spintec and their Paris-based partners* successfully generated and controlled the movement of magnetic pseudo particles called skyrmions...

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Beamforming improves the angular resolution of PMUTs

Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers, or PMUTs, are a type of MEMS. The devices are currently plagued by an angular...

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Mystery of disappearing photons solved

When photons interact with matter, a few per million are transformed into lower energy photons. In a specific kind...

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Top news

Startup Direct Analysis racking up the milestones

Direct Analysis, the 70th startup from CEA-Leti, has stayed under the radar since it was founded at the beginning of the year.
The company has won an i-Lab award, completed twelve demos of its food testing solution, and secured preliminary regulatory approvals. Direct Analysis could open its own plant near Grenoble as early as 2022.

Direct Analysis can deliver biological test results in just six hours instead of 24 without compromising on sensitivity—an...

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Patrick Lévy, former coordinator of the Grenoble-Alpes University IDEX*,

Winning a national IDEX grant was not a given.

Grenoble-Alpes University’s application for national IDEX (Initiatives of Excellence) funding was approved in late June.
Were you surprised?

We wanted it and our local stakeholders certainly worked hard to make it happen.
We were careful not to take anything for granted. This was not a given. You have to remember what has been happening on other campuses. Toulouse’s grant was revoked in 2016, and Lyon’s in 2020. The Paris-Saclay and Paris Sciences-Lettres campuses...

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The perfect fuel-cell membrane remains elusive

Tomorrow’s clean vehicles will run on hydrogen fuel cells. But what will the membranes inside those fuel cells be...

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Making IoT devices more resilient to attacks

Currently, when an IoT device (a “node” on the network) is attacked by hackers, the entire network can be...

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Marion Gruart wins award and PhD grant for red LED research

Marion Gruart, who did her PhD research at Irig from 2016 to 2020, won a Grenoble-Alpes University innovation award...

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Reversing magnetization with an electric field

Researchers at Irig working with colleagues in Romania* recently discovered that the magnetization of an MRAM-cell-type nanostructure can be...

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Survey: Midis MINATEC phygital format a hit

A survey sent out in July to past Midis MINATEC lunch talk speakers and attendees got an excellent completion...

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Science outreach program Parvis des Sciences to be held in person this year

The popular Parvis des Sciences science fair will finally take place in person again at MINATEC from October 5...

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Leti Innovation Days get a new four-session format

CEA-Leti had to move its Leti Innovation Days online during Covid. The change sparked a new format for the...

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Irig turns to YouTube to spread the word about its research

Irig recently posted two videos on the CEA Recherche YouTube channel. The idea is to help the general public...

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Nonprofit La Puya Internationale on the ground in Madagascar

Nonprofit La Puya Internationale, of which MINATEC is a long-standing partner, was established to facilitate scientific cooperation. Next on...

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Tech transfer: Magellan stays the course

The Magellan startup program kicked off with a call for projects in June. More than 100 submissions, covering everything...

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Anne Vilcot reappointed director of Phelma, focuses on 2030 strategy

Anne Vilcot, director of Grenoble INP - Phelma, UGA since 2016, was reappointed for a new five-year term. She...

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INSTN offers online courses on eco-innovation for the circular economy

INSTN is a center for training in nuclear science and engineering. That hasn’t changed.
However, the institute has been expanding...

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Class of 2020 career placement numbers are good

According to a January 2021 survey by the Conférence des grandes écoles higher education consortium, 88% of the Grenoble...

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CEA-Leti builds a demonstrator like no other

If you have been by the CEA Tech showroom recently, chances are you have noticed a giant smartphone.
The designers...

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Back to school, (almost) business as usual

Things were almost back to normal as this year’s incoming engineering students arrived on the Grenoble INP - Phelma,...

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Minalogic cluster introduces WAM*, a new online community

Minalogic’s 475 member organizations can use WAM* to find and post news and information; showcase their products, solutions, and...

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LYNRED and IMEP-LaHC set up joint lab

Leading global infrared detector manufacturer LYNRED and IMEP-LaHC have formed a five-year joint lab to study the fundamental physical...

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MINATEC sweeps the i-Lab competition

Three projects initiated at MINATEC have won awards in the French government’s national i-Lab innovation competition.
The sweep included two...

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The GIANT Junior Ambassadors need you!

If you are a GIANT PhD student with international affinities looking for a chance to build a local network...

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