LYNRED and IMEP-LaHC set up joint lab

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Published : 3 October 2021

Leading global infrared detector manufacturer LYNRED and IMEP-LaHC have formed a five-year joint lab to study the fundamental physical mechanisms of cooled infrared components to improve the components’ performance.
The partners will leverage DLTS, LFNS*, and other advanced characterization methods, as well as modeling and new approaches developed specifically for their research.
LYNRED and IMEP-LaHC have already co-supervised two PhD dissertations; the company also has research partnerships with CEA-Leti, ONERA, and III-V Lab.
The joint lab will give IMEP-LaHC an opportunity to apply its physics know-how to new components. Quentin Rafhay, who heads micro and nanocomponent research at IMEP-LaHC, will lead the joint lab.


*Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy
**Low-frequency Noise Spectroscopy

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