New accelerator at Ganil gets high-precision control system

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Published : 2 October 2021

Ganil* in Caen has a new superconducting linear accelerator. Researchers at Irig recently tackled the challenge of achieving millibar-precision pressure control of 26 superconducting accelerator cavities cooled to 4.5 K by a liquid helium bath.
The researchers used Simcryogenics, Irig’s simulation tool for large cryogenic equipment, to model the accelerator. The modeling and subsequent development of ad hoc control laws were also the topics of a PhD dissertation.
A few final adjustments to the control system were made on site during commissioning.
The high degree of precision will help ensure robust operation of the accelerator, which is extremely sensitive to even tiny fluctuations in helium pressure. It should avoid shutting the beamline down several times a day.


*Ganil is the national large heavy ion accelerator, an economic interest group of the CEA and CNRS.

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