MINATEC sweeps the i-Lab competition

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Published : 3 October 2021

Three projects initiated at MINATEC have won awards in the French government’s national i-Lab innovation competition.
The sweep included two of the ten Grand Prizes, one for startup Direct Analysis and one for the Agilite project to develop a silicon photonic LiDAR sensor. Both winners are from CEA-Leti.
The tiny, robust, powerful, and affordable Agilite sensor is being developed for the industrial robotics market. Ultimately, it will also be of interest to the automotive market for integration into ADAS. The man behind the sensor, François Simoens, used to head CEA-Leti’s LiDAR program.
Cornel Ioana of Gipsa-Lab won a National Award for the Golten project. Golten is an electrical inspection software application for preventive maintenance that costs ten times less than current techniques.

Contact: sylvain.colomb@cea.fr

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