Nonprofit La Puya Internationale on the ground in Madagascar

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Published : 3 October 2021

Nonprofit La Puya Internationale, of which MINATEC is a long-standing partner, was established to facilitate scientific cooperation. Next on the agenda is a session on solar photovoltaic energy in Madagascar from December 6 to 12. Around 30 graduate students will attend this summer school on renewable energy, which will include hands-on workshops via Zoom.
Fianaralab, a nonprofit affiliated with the University of Fianarantsoa, is organizing the event. The connection with Grenoble is Fianaralab’s chair, Herinirina Fanevamampiandra, a Phelma engineering graduate currently working on a PhD in France.
La Puya Internationale members are already remote-teaching photovoltaic lab classes in partnership with nuclear science and engineering training center INSTN in Tananarive using equipment sent to Madagascar last spring.


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