Lithium-ion batteries undergo graphene doping

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Published : 3 February 2014

Lithium-ion batteries’ energy-storing capacity can be boosted tenfold when the batteries’ electrodes are doped with silicon nanoparticles. Until now, the enhanced performance has only lasted a few cycles. This is because the electrode cannot withstand the tripling in volume the nanoparticles undergo during charging.
Researchers at INAC and IMN Nantes recently maintained the doped performance for 200 cycles on a very-high-capacity electrode (2000mAh/g). The researchers blended the silicon nanoparticles with graphene, whose 2D structure follows the particles’ change in size and maintains their connection to the electrode.
The results, in terms of material weight and number of cycles, are close to commercial battery specs—and should reenergize the French National Research Agency Graf’N’stock project currently underway on the same topic.






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