February 2014

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Miniature-antenna quality gets a boost

Today’s mobile devices boast increasingly-miniaturized antennas. But tiny antennas are plagued by losses—detrimental to performance. In an effort to solve the problem, researchers from Leti and IETR recently devoted two Ph.D. dissertations to lanthanum titanate, a new perovskite oxide known for...

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Multi-core-circuit heat performance modelled to within 5% accuracy

Docea Power’s decision to set up a joint lab with Leti turned out to be a smart one! Three years into the collaboration, the company has validated modelling capabilities for the heat performance of 2D and 3D multicore circuits and applied...

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A high-spin polymer gets synthesized

Researchers from INAC and the Warsaw University of Technology have synthesized a polymer that spins when immersed in a solution. The material, made from a polyaniline-derived polymer, is stable at ambient temperature.

The spin remains moderate (S=2), but marks a first for...

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Air pollution: small doses most harmful to DNA

Toxicology studies often look at the effects of exposure to high doses of pollutants. However, are the effects underestimated for smaller doses? INAC recently examined how polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)—present in emissions from motor vehicles and heating systems—damage DNA.

The researchers...

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Make your own pushbutton controls with an inkjet printer

Researchers from Leti, Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne, and Gemalto recently produced a smartcard pushbutton on a flexible material (PET) using inkjet printing. The technique differs from screen printing in that it does not require the use of masks. The...

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MEMS and NEMS: releasing moving parts faster

Researchers at Leti have developed a simulator to validate the position and size of the holes used to remove, via etching, the sacrificial material used to temporarily support structures during the fabrication of MEMS and NEMS—and release the systems’ moving parts....

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Quantum simulation sheds new light on physics of advanced transistors

Researchers at INAC and Leti recently developed a quantum simulation code that is providing groundbreaking insights into the physics of advanced FD-SOI and Tri-gate transistors.
What makes the researchers’ work so significant is that semi-traditional simulation models do not factor in the quantum effects that play an increasing role as transistor sizes trend towards the 10-nm mark. For example, as electron confinement increases, the number of bands of energy available to carry electricity decreases.
To address this challenge, INAC, Leti, and STMicroelectronics partnered up under a French National Research Agency project titled Quasanova to develop TB_Sim, a quantum simulation code suitable...

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Interview: Feriel Mélaine - Ph.D. candidate, Nanobioscience, INAC-SPrAM,

Feriel Mélaine – Ph.D. candidate, Nanobioscience, INAC-SPrAM
Editor of student newspaper Chercheurs d’horizons for the 2012–2013 school year

Ph.D. students produce their own newspaper


Your student newspaper Chercheurs d’horizons is written entirely by Grenoble University Ph.D. students. Can you tell us more about it?
The newspaper was launched in 2010–2011 following a workshop given under the school’s Professional Training & Job Support Program for Ph.D. students. I worked on it in 2012–2013 with three other Ph.D. students. We did everything ourselves: writing, editing, translation, photography, and page layout. We published the third issue in September 2013, with a print circulation of 500 plus...

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Spintronics: diffusion barriers make cooperation easier

To optimize the magnetic coupling in memory-type spintronic systems, the ferromagnetic (FM) and antiferromagnetic (AFM) parts must be very close to each other. Surprisingly, researchers at Spintec achieved a jump in performance by doing the opposite when they separated the FM...

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GaN wires for LEDs offer brilliant electrical properties

The geometry of gallium nitride (GaN) wires makes it tough to characterize a single wire’s electrical properties and n and p doping. Researchers from Leti and Institut Néel have found a solution. Using electronic lithography, the researchers connected a wire attached...

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Testing system picks up 3 ppb of benzene in indoor air in just 15 minutes

A new indoor-air-quality regulation will come into force in France on January 1, 2016. All buildings open to the public will have to prove that their indoor air contains less than 1 ppb of benzene. However, current portable testing systems are...

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Lithium-ion batteries undergo graphene doping

Lithium-ion batteries’ energy-storing capacity can be boosted tenfold when the batteries’ electrodes are doped with silicon nanoparticles. Until now, the enhanced performance has only lasted a few cycles. This is because the electrode cannot withstand the tripling in volume the nanoparticles...

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LMGP explores ALD at ambient pressure

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) expert David Muñoz-Rojas joined LMGP in November as a CNRS researcher. He uses a spatial atomic layer deposition method at low temperature and ambient pressure in order to eliminate the constraints of using a vacuum chamber and...

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LMGP gets new management team

LMGP, a CNRS joint research unit affiliated with Grenoble Institute of Technology, got a new management team on January 1 of this year. Franz Bruckert and Carmen Jiménez were appointed Director and Deputy Director, respectively. They succeed Bernard Chenevier and François...

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CEA: Tony Prézeau new strategic marketing head

In January Tony Prézeau was appointed head of the Strategic Marketing Department of the CEA Technology Transfer Division. A graduate of France’s Ecole Centrale engineering school, Mr. Prézeau, 39 years old, brings an impressive track record in industry.
He spent...

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CEA researcher appointed head of French Optics Society (SFO)

CEA-Leti researcher Jean-Jacques Aubert was appointed President of the French Optics Society (Société française d’optique, or SFO) in September 2013. This learned society brings together optics and photonics researchers and other professionals from across France. The appointment is a first for...

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Chile’s APEX telescope gets new bolometers

Leti is gearing up to deliver sixteen bolometer matrices with wavelengths of 200, 350, and 450 microns for the APEX telescope in Chile. The telescope, located at 5,100 meters above sea level on the Chajnantor plateau, already boasts four 350-micron matrices...

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INAC: Yves Samson succeeds Engin Molva

Yves Samson was appointed Director of INAC, the Institute for Nanoscience and Cryogenics. He succeeds Engin Molva, who will replace Samson as head of the institute’s cross-disciplinary nanoscience program.
Mr. Samson is a member of Science Europe’s Physical, Chemical and...

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CIME Nanotech gets new lithography machine

CIME Nanotech recently acquired a new lithography machine that performs two innovative processes. The first, nano-printing with control of the pressing and separation stage via an actuator matrix, reduces the number of defects compared to manual pressing and separation. The second...

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Phelma Dean Pierre Benech enters second term

Pierre Benech, Dean of Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school, was officially reappointed for a second five-year term in January. He intends to pursue the strategy he has spearheaded since taking up the position in 2008, with a particular focus...

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Phelma once again makes it into l’Etudiant magazine rankings

This year, France’s l’Etudiant magazine has come up with a new method for ranking the country’s 160 CTI-accredited engineering schools, using a series of 37 indicators which students can select to come up with a personalized ranking to meet their individual...

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Start-ups Cellipse and Avalun set up shop at the BHT

Two new biotech start-ups moved into the MINATEC High-Tech Building (BHT) on January 1. Cellipse is a R&D company focusing on new therapies targeting LIM kinases (to treat certain types of leukemia and sarcoma, for instance). The company is expected to...

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Nanocharacterization platform beefs up 3D microscopy capabilities

The MINATEC nanocharacterization platform now boasts two new state-of-the-art machines: a rapid plasma etching system using xenon ions; and a unique x-ray tomographic microscope for generating 3D images. This cutting-edge equipment will help scientists better understand and improve the reliability of...

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Test wireless systems from the comfort of your own lab

Now Leti researchers can test wireless connections without having to perform costly and time-consuming on-site tests. Leti (via the IRT NanoElec research institute) has recently acquired a wireless channel emulator—the first of its kind in France. It lets engineers easily test...

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MINATEC construction projects right on track

The many construction projects underway at MINATEC are all advancing according to plan. The second floor of the Skills Center Building is set to be completed by end-2015, and will accommodate over 500 Leti and CNRS researchers. The additional floors being...

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Renovation: 300 mm clean room to get 500 m2 of new space

The old 200 mm clean room in the 41.02 Building (near the H3 cafeteria) is getting a €5.3 million makeover. The space will be renovated and expanded to create a new 300 mm clean room spanning 500 m2.
Twenty high-tech...

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Interview: Feriel Mélaine - Ph.D. candidate, Nanobioscience, INAC-SPrAM

Feriel Mélaine - Ph.D. candidate, Nanobioscience, INAC-SPrAM
Editor of student newspaper Chercheurs d’horizons for the 2012–2013 school year

Ph.D. students produce their own newspaper


Your student newspaper Chercheurs d’horizons is written entirely by Grenoble University Ph.D. students. Can you tell us more...

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A breakthrough RFID tag compatible with metal objects

Leti—working on a project for Montpellier-based start-up Oridao—has developed a miniature RFID tag for all kinds of metal objects, from those no bigger than a centimeter to those the size of a filing cabinet. Metal objects drastically diminish the effectiveness and...

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Book translation strengthens ties with Latin America

For the past several years, the Franco-Peruvian organization Puya de Raimondi (headed by a CEA scientist) and the NanoAndes network have been fostering research ties between France and Latin America. This transatlantic collaboration recently marked a new milestone with the publication...

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List and Leti revolutionize embedded system design

The Embedded Systems Design Platform—created by Saclay-based List and Grenoble-based Leti—ended 2013 with a remarkable achievement. Its engineers developed a revolutionary new system design approach that enabled high-tech firm M3Systems to double the performance of one of its systems, while optimizing...

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Hybrid-En platform gets off to a running start

The €1-million Hybrid-En platform for developing advanced energy generation and storage systems started up in early February. Located in the 10.05 Building, this 300 m2 facility brings together physicists and chemists to conduct experiments at the crossroads of semiconductor and polymer...

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New continuing education program gives technicians management skills

Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Continuing Education Department has teamed up with Grenoble Ecole de Management to offer a new part-time program in Technology Management. It is open to technicians with at least three years of work experience who want to move...

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FIRST Tech Challenge a growing success

France’s 3rd edition of the FIRST Tech Challenge international robotics competition—hosted by Grenoble Institute of Technology—will be held on May 1415, 2014. The competition is open to high-school students; the number of teams participating soared from seven in 2012 to seventeen...

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Grenoble Institute of Technology holds an information day

Grenoble Institute of Technology will be holding an information day for high school, prep school, and technology institute students on February 22. It will be held at the Ense3 engineering school in Saint-Martin d’Hères.
The goal is to show what...

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