Renovation: 300 mm clean room to get 500 m2 of new space

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Published : 3 February 2014

The old 200 mm clean room in the 41.02 Building (near the H3 cafeteria) is getting a €5.3 million makeover. The space will be renovated and expanded to create a new 300 mm clean room spanning 500 m2.
Twenty high-tech machines were moved out of the building this summer and the old 200 mm clean room was torn down in the fall. Renovation work started in December, which included installing a new air treatment system and new recyclers, and raising the ceiling to 3.80 m to accommodate the 300 mm equipment.
The construction area has been completely isolated from the rest of the building to avoid disturbing research in neighboring clean rooms. And the construction workers are taking special care to use methods that minimize noise and vibration. The new clean room should be ready by July 1 of this year.






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