Start-ups Cellipse and Avalun set up shop at the BHT

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Published : 3 February 2014

Two new biotech start-ups moved into the MINATEC High-Tech Building (BHT) on January 1. Cellipse is a R&D company focusing on new therapies targeting LIM kinases (to treat certain types of leukemia and sarcoma, for instance). The company is expected to sign cooperation agreements with CEA labs and strengthen its ties with other BHT tenants this year.
Avalun is developing a portable in vitro diagnostic system, the LabPad®. The system features communication capabilities and can carry out several biological analyses using the same reader. It is designed for use by healthcare professionals and patients. Avalun is working with Leti’s DTBS lab to develop a new range of tests to monitor patients with cardiovascular disease.






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