Multi-core-circuit heat performance modelled to within 5% accuracy

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Published : 3 February 2014

Docea Power’s decision to set up a joint lab with Leti turned out to be a smart one! Three years into the collaboration, the company has validated modelling capabilities for the heat performance of 2D and 3D multicore circuits and applied them to two real-life cases. The margin of error is less than 5%, a very high level of accuracy for fast, high-level modelling.

Advanced circuits generate anywhere from a few watts to tens of watts of heat during operation—and circuit designers have to find ways to manage all that heat, most notably by building in dynamic heat control mechanisms. The new heat performance models will let Docea Power do this earlier on in the design process, rather than simply checking performance after the fact. The company has extended its joint lab with Leti for another three years, through 2016.





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