LMGP explores ALD at ambient pressure

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Published : 3 February 2014

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) expert David Muñoz-Rojas joined LMGP in November as a CNRS researcher. He uses a spatial atomic layer deposition method at low temperature and ambient pressure in order to eliminate the constraints of using a vacuum chamber and more easily scale up processes for industrial rollout.
This new approach to ALD—very versatile and much faster than traditional ALD—has already been the topic of several scholarly articles.
Muñoz-Rojas completed his Ph.D. in Barcelona and, for the past five years, has worked at the University of Cambridge. He hopes to develop new materials for energy and electronics, as well as oxide-based functional layers with his lab’s Thin Films, Nanostructures, and Nanomaterials (FM2N) team.

Contact: david.munoz-rojas@grenoble-inp.fr
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/workdmr/





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