Miniature-antenna quality gets a boost

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Published : 3 February 2014

Today’s mobile devices boast increasingly-miniaturized antennas. But tiny antennas are plagued by losses—detrimental to performance. In an effort to solve the problem, researchers from Leti and IETR recently devoted two Ph.D. dissertations to lanthanum titanate, a new perovskite oxide known for its high permittivity. And the results are promising. Antennas made using the material offer quality coefficients in excess of 100 for frequencies up to several GHz. The quality coefficients for many other thin-layer materials is limited to between 10 and 30.
However, lanthanum titanate still lacks sufficient agility to make it fully operational for use in reconfigurable radiofrequency systems. But the researchers are working on that, too, and on how to integrate deposition of the material into the fabrication process.





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