MINATEC construction projects right on track

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Published : 3 February 2014

The many construction projects underway at MINATEC are all advancing according to plan. The second floor of the Skills Center Building is set to be completed by end-2015, and will accommodate over 500 Leti and CNRS researchers. The additional floors being added to the B2I building will be ready in May to house Leti’s bridging technology research team. And in February work will begin on plans to expand the Phelma 2 building and build a 500-seat auditorium in front of Maison des Micro et Nanotechnologies (MMNT).
But that’s not all. This summer will see construction work begin on the Photonics Platform—a modern complex comprising laboratories, clean rooms, and offices—with delivery scheduled in 2016. At the end of this year, work should begin on the Software Center addition to MMNT; bids to select the prime contractor are currently under review.

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