PCR DNA analysis gets prehistoric samples talking

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Published : 6 February 2016

Part of an archaeologist’s work involves identifying 30,000-year-old animal droppings. And they need to know what species—hyena, wolf, or fox?—they are dealing with as soon as possible. Now they can thanks to a Leti prototype called Microprep that rapidly prepares samples for PCR DNA analysis. The prototype was successfully tested at the Maldidier cave site in southwestern France last fall, telling archaeologists what they needed to know—to keep digging or not—in just two hours. Traditional lab DNA analysis takes from two to six months.
The Leti scientists behind the innovation set out to prove that the technology is robust in the field. And it is: Microprep can extract the DNA needed for PCR analysis in less than ten minutes. The user simply changes a disposable cartridge depending on the type of sample being prepared. Several testing equipment manufacturers are interested.

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