Satellite operators hungry for 5G communications

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Published : 5 December 2016

Satellite operators are actively seeking to determine which type of waves they should focus on to secure a slice of the future 5G market. Research conducted by France’s national space agency CNES at Leti set out to answer this question. The study is assessing four potential types of waves: OFDM, EW-OFDM, PS-OFDM, and FBMC.

The type of wave selected must enable interference-free sharing between land and satellite frequency bands dedicated to 5G communications. The research will look at emissions in adjacent frequency bands, spectral efficiency, and the peak to average power ratio.

The research, to be completed next March, is focusing on a high-stakes topic: 5G communications. A 5G standard is under development. 5G will offer very high speeds and will be the top pick for the Internet of Things, connected vehicles, and other emerging applications.


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