White paper on atomic layer deposition

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Published : 6 February 2017

A new white paper on atomic layer deposition is available free of charge on the website of French publisher Techniques de l’ingénieur. The 225-page white paper, in French, is titled Principes et applications de la technique ALD and provides an overview of the basics of the process. It was authored by around 20 scientists in France’s national ALD network, RAFALD, including several researchers from LMGP, LTM, and the CEA.

The first several chapters address the fundamentals of atomic layer deposition, a process used to obtain homogeneous ultra-thin layers (just a few nm thick) whose surface states can be precision-controlled. The white paper continues with a review of the major applications of ALD: microelectronics, fuel cells, healthcare, textiles, optics, photonics, and MEMS. The target readership is technicians, engineers, and scientists.


Download the white paper: goo.gl/WH8k21

Contact: carmen.jimenez@grenoble-inp.fr

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