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April 2014 Mina-News #29

Dark matter found at MINATEC?

A group of researchers at INAC studying Josephson junctions back in 2004 may have unwittingly stumbled upon axions—the hypothetical elementary particles thought to make up dark matter. When applying a low voltage, the researchers noted a detectable electrical signal, but they were unsure of where it came from. At the time, they chalked it up to a measurement error, barely giving their “discovery” a brief mention in the article François Lefloch and his team published about their research. But last September,...

February 2014 Mina-News #28

Quantum simulation sheds new light on physics of advanced transistors

Researchers at INAC and Leti recently developed a quantum simulation code that is providing groundbreaking insights into the physics of advanced FD-SOI and Tri-gate transistors. What makes the researchers’ work so significant is that semi-traditional simulation models do not factor in the quantum effects that play an increasing role as transistor sizes trend towards the 10-nm mark. For example, as electron confinement increases, the number of bands of energy available to carry electricity...

December 2013 Mina-News #27

Jean-Luc Vallejo, ISKN* (iSketchnotemaker): “Crowdfunding put us six to twelve months ahead of schedule.”

You raised $346,000, nearly ten times your original goal. Did that surprise you? It did! We set out to raise $35,000, hoping to maybe reach $100,000. But interest in the project was clear virtually from the beginning. We reached our goal of $35,000 in the first fourteen hours of the month-long campaign! Looking back, I feel that we could have raised even more, like $500,000, if we had opened an office in the US, where 30% of the funds raised came from....

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