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April 2016 Mina-News #39

2016–2020: FMNT expands

The FMNT (Federation for Micro and Nanotechnologies) saw its mandate renewed for an additional five years on January 1, 2016. The organization took advantage of the occasion to bring in three new labs, bringing its total headcount to nearly 500—a 30% increase. The FMNT is now one of France’s largest research organizations in the fields of microelectronics and nanotechnology. Until end-2015, the FMNT encompassed four labs: LTM, LMGP, IMEP-LaHC, and part of G2ELab’s activities. The new, expanded FMNT is now home to Spintec,...

February 2016 Mina-News #38

Fire-damaged area of building 41.01 back to business as usual

Any visitor touring the cleanrooms in building 41.01 would have a hard time believing that the building was ravaged by fire less than a year ago. The fire-damaged area of the building reopened in December after four and a half months of repairs and the installation of new equipment to replace equipment damaged in the fire. Leti’s first priority was, of course, safety. Filtration units in the clean room ceilings had been damaged in the fire. The cleanrooms' deposition and heat treatment...

December 2015 Mina-News #37

World’s first microsystem fabricated on 300 mm wafers

This summer, researchers at Leti fabricated the world’s first M&NEMS micro-accelerometers on 300 mm wafers, sending three crucial messages to the academic and industrial research and development communities. First, the research proved that MEMS, or microelectromechanical systems, can be fabricated on 300 mm wafers, the largest format used in microelectronics. This advance will give MEMS access to the benefi ts associated with being among the most advanced technologies, from lower costs and energy...

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