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June 2015 Mina-News #35

First-ever analysis of neutral particles by mass spectrometry

Researchers from INAC, Leti, and IRTSV recently completed the first-ever successful analysis of neutral particles by mass spectrometry. The scientific achievement, which took place right here in Grenoble, was praised by an article in Nature Communications. The researchers chose to bypass traditional spectrometry methods, preferring to use nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS), whose resonance frequency varies depending on the mass being supported. In this particular case, the mass was made up of...

April 2015 Mina-News #34

MIT chooses Leti to supply suspended microresonators

The news dates back to early 2014 and has been kept under wraps for almost a year. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology biology lab is turning to Leti to develop some highly complex suspended microresonators. After receiving the initial components, which delivered satisfactory performance, the lab decided to switch foundries, and has now placed an order for 1,500 of the resonators with Leti for June. The resonators boast a beam that vibrates at several hundred kHz and microfluidic channels through which...

February 2015 Mina-News #33

MINATEC soon to get the keys to two brand-new buildings

The MINATEC campus will soon get 11,500 sq. m of additional space with the completion of two new buildings: the Competency Center Building (BCC), which will house 550 staffers, and the 700-capacity Phelma Auditorium and Conference Center. The Competency Center Building (BCC) will offer 10,000 sq. m of floor space on eight levels and will house some 550 staffers. CNRS teams will occupy the first floor, while CEA-Leti will move in to the rest of the building. The CEA-Leti executive suite will be...

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