Phelma Student Union at the center of campus life

Phelma engineering school is one of France’s largest engineering schools, accounting for 1,200 of the 5,300 students enrolled at Grenoble Institute of Technology. And the Phelma Student Union offers an equally impressive range of activities throughout the academic year.

In addition to the traditional new student orientation weekend, the Student Union also puts on a host of other events such as weekend ski trips at student-friendly prices, the Olympiades, the Grenoble Institute of Technology gala, the Phelma gala, an engineering school tournament, and the Masilia Sun Ball beach tournament in Marseille.

The Student Union counts around 40 members elected each year in April, and the Student Union election campaign has become one of the school year’s most popular events. Two committees in the Student Union—the Arts Committee and the Sports Committee—also arrange numerous special-interest outings and weekend trips.


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