December 2016

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Diamonds are a 3-D micro-supercapacitor’s best friend

Silicon nanowires covered with a diamond film deposited by microwave CVD and an electroactive (PEDOT) polymer layer were used to create innovative electrodes under the EU-backed NEST research project. Two teams of researchers from INAC participating in this project achieved substantial...
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Satellite operators hungry for 5G communications

Satellite operators are actively seeking to determine which type of waves they should focus on to secure a slice of the future 5G market. Research conducted by France’s national space agency CNES at Leti set out to answer this question. The...
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Intensity- and sign-tunable spin-charge conversion

A joint INAC-CNRS-Thales research team achieved record intensity- and sign-tunable spin-charge conversion in the two-dimensional electron gas at the interface between a layer of strontium titanate and another layer of lanthanum aluminate. The conversion rate was five to ten times higher...
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High-performance computing gets more energy-efficient data transfer

The 3D-NoC network-on-chip developed by Leti, STMicroelectronics, and Mentor Graphics under a project coordinated by IRT Nanoelec offers 20% to 40% less energy consumption and higher speeds than other NoCs. The NoC developed is built on two 28 nm FDSOI stacked circuits,...
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Quantum dots perform well under mechanical constraints

Over the past several years, the application of mechanical constraints to semiconducting quantum dots has been broadly used to fine-tune the dots’ emission wavelength to create single-photon sources, for example. Researchers at INAC integrated several InAs quantum dots into a GaAs nanowire...
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MEMS RF switches made in Grenoble ready for space

MEMS radio-frequency micro-switches developed by Leti could be chosen by the European Space Agency for tomorrow’s space applications. While it is still too early to tell, Leti is doing everything it can to increase its chances of success! First, Leti researchers...
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DNA could bring new innovations to microelectronics

Recent advances in research being conducted by Leti and INAC scientists under CEA project A3DN could help overcome one of the major technological hurdles facing microelectronics R&D.

So, what does DNA have to do with microelectronics? DNA strings measure around a nanometer—as do the pattern geometries the researchers are working on. And DNA’s base-pairing capacities can ensure more accurate pattern alignment than the most powerful microelectronics technologies currently available.
Pattern alignment—between active circuit components or levels—has to be perfect for the electronic signals to be transmitted. The smaller the geometries, the more difficult it is to align the patterns.

Cost-competitive custom...

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Interview: Anna Choulier Renström, Leti,
Interview: Anna Choulier Renström, Leti

We are going to CES 2017 to raise our profile

What is Leti’s strategy for CES 2017?

Our booth will be twice as big as last year’s. We will showcase three interactive demonstrator systems that will let visitors experience and test our technologies and understand the technologies’ features.

Three startups will be coming with us: e-Lichens, with us in 2016; Moovlab, which was just created; and Sublimed, a Liten startup that illustrates Grenoble’s innovation model very well.

Leti is exhibiting for the second time. What are your goals?

We really want to raise our profile and let the world know about what we do. We will sell our strengths, both to potential corporate R&D partners...

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Could sugar make treating liver disease easier?

Wilson’s disease, a genetic disorder that causes copper to build up in the liver, is treated using chelating agents to remove the metal. Research conducted by INAC, BIG*, and DCM** looked at two chelating agents that could ultimately offer improved penetration...
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Wireless pacemaker could be just over the horizon

Grenoble’s TIMA lab and a consortium of partners are working on a project backed by the ANR, France’s national research agency, to develop a wireless pacemaker. TIMA’s energy-harvesting system, which is built on a multilayer piezoelectric blade, has already brought in...
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Power conversion: GaN components show promise

The aeronautics and automotive industries are looking for more compact, efficient power converters. Leti’s latest research on a converter built on gallium-nitride-on-silicon components is producing some results sure to please these demanding industries. When tested on a demonstrator system, the converters...
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Nanoelectronic Devices, an open-source scientific journal

Publisher ISTE recently released Nanoelectronic Devices, a scientific journal available in English and French free of charge for both authors and readers. The journal will be published several times per year and the peer review committee members—including experts from the CNRS,...
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RF and millimeter wave integrated circuits and systems meeting on March 10

IMEP-LaHC and Leti will host a meeting on March 10, 2017 on RF and millimeter wave integrated circuits and systems, which have direct applications in radar, sensor networks, and the Internet of Things. The meeting will focus on reliability, ultra-low-power, achieving frequencies...
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Testing antibiotic efficacy in just one hour

MIT used Leti’s suspended micro-resonators to develop a new microchip for fast drug testing. The chip measures cell culture growth by weighing the culture with accuracy to within a femtogram. The measurement provides an indication of the culture’s response to a...
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PX’Therapeutics focuses on new drug candidate

In the future, diabetics suffering from neuropathy (in their hands and feet, for example) could benefit from a new drug called atexakin, which regenerates damaged nerve fibers. Switzerland’s Relief Therapeutics Holding AG recently signed an agreement with Merck to develop, manufacture,...
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GreEn-ER open for business, ribbon-cutting in December

The GreEn-ER center for innovation in renewable resources and energy has been up and running for a year now. The ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held on December 5. Every day, some 1,500 people—students enrolled at Ense3 and in Masters programs like...
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Fluoptics in the spotlight

Fluoptics has carved out the top slot on Europe’s real-time fluorescence imaging solutions market. The company has implemented more than 100 of its Fluobeam® non-invasive surgical-assistance systems in sixteen countries. Fluoptics’ technology is currently the only one in the world capable...
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Enerbee takes to the air

Enerbee, a two-year-old startup specializing in micro-generators that harvest energy from movement, has turned a corner in its development. The company will now leverage its proprietary technology to develop self-powering connected ventilation systems, ultimately carving out a position on a high-added-value,...
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Leti working with GlobalFoundries on 22 nm FD-SOI

FinFET and FD-SOI are currently neck-and-neck in the race to further miniaturize CMOS circuits beyond the 28 nm node. And major market players will play a key role in determining which technology wins. Leti, which has been betting on FD-SOI for...
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Micro-nano observatory reports now online

The Micro and Nanotechnology Observatory (OMNT) now publishes its reports and comments from the observatory’s network of experts online. The content available includes regular news updates, one-page executive summaries of current issues, and in-depth reports. All publications are available by email...
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Grenoble reaches out to Taiwan and South Korea

Leti recently signed two new partnership agreements with research institutes in Asia, following the partnership with Shanghai Industrial Technology Research Institute (SITRI) signed last spring. The first is with the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), a multidisciplinary research institute, and covers...
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Emmanuelle Gourieux, active in student life

Emmanuelle Gourieux, a third-year student at Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school, has been elected Student Vice President. She will represent her cohort to Grenoble Institute of Technology and sit on several commissions, including CSIE*, which she co-chairs and which...
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Planet Makers gets kids into robotics

Planet Makers, a non-profit organization created this fall, has set up shop at Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school, thanks to the support of the Fondation Grenoble INP. Planet Makers was founded by two self-proclaimed Phelma engineering geeks, Jérôme Martin...
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Photonics platform delivery date pushed back

Delivery of the six-level, 12,800 sq. m photonics platform was originally scheduled for early November, but has been pushed back to January due to construction delays and the results of certain tests. The contractor that won the bid will have to...
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Morphosense precision structural-health monitoring

In the future, major structures like bridges, dams, tunnels, railroad tracks, oceangoing vessels, cooling towers, and wind-turbine blades could be instrumented with Morphosense’s MEMS accelerometer networks. Morphosense is a Leti spinoff founded in mid-2016 to develop a precision structural-health monitoring system leveraging...
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Alps Design Lab, where technology meets design

Alps Design Lab, a CEA Tech Open Lab, has tackled the challenge of how to use a shipping-container-sized electrolyzer to create a “normal-sized” teaching demonstrator. In a few weeks, the lab will deliver to Liten a refrigerator-sized system that packs in...
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Israeli teachers at CIME

As part of the EU EduNano project, eight Israeli high-school teachers will come to CIME Nanotech in mid-December to expand their knowledge and discuss teaching methods with the Nano@school team. The program includes nano-biotech, atomic force microscopy, and PV characterization lab...
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Communication: High Level Forum innovates

The 5th High Level Forum (HLF) was held in Grenoble this fall. The event was attended by representatives of the world’s main science and technology ecosystems, who came together to discuss the latest advances in innovation. For the first time ever,...
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Startup UroMems raises €14 million

UroMems, a startup founded in 2011 and housed at the BHT, has just completed a very impressive round of fundraising, bringing in €14 million in fresh capital. The company’s product—an artificial urinary sphincter implant that can be placed near the urethra—is...
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