Biology and Healthcare Technologies Platform

The MINATEC Biology and Healthcare Technologies Platform is home to 210 engineers, chemists, physicists, and biologists collaborating with research labs, the staff at Grenoble’s University Medical Center, and businesses in the biomedical sector like bioMérieux, Trixell (imaging detectors), and Fluoptics (pre-surgical optical imaging using fluorescence).

Unlocking innovation through miniaturization

MedTech- carte-Microfluidique_GODART_CEAHDWithin just a few years, the platform has grown to become truly European in scope. Platform researchers are today focusing their efforts on miniaturization as the most promising pathway to designing more effective, less invasive, and more energy-efficient medical systems.

The platform conducts research on a broad array of topics:

  • MedTech - Microfluidique_GODART_CEAHDIn vitro and in vivo diagnostics, including preclinical and clinical imaging
  • Targeted drug delivery via biocompatible nanoparticles
  • Implantable systems and the associated communication technologies, including micro and nanoelectrodes and radio modules for cardiac implants
  • Portable sensors to prevent dehydration via continuous sweat testing (for firefighters and athletes, for instance)

These activities also encompass in vitro environmental diagnostics such as air, water, and effluent testing.


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