MINATEC Labs: A focus on basic research

MINATEC Labs is currently home to 300 scientists, engineers, and technicians conducting basic research on topics that feed into the campus’ ICT and medtech development pipelines. It took two years to completely renovate the Vercors Wing of Building 10.05, which now offers more than 4,000 sq. m of additional workspace for 100 researchers from IRIG who recently moved to the facility. The expanded team covers a broader range of topics spanning quantum electronics, photonics, and spintronics.





MINATEC Labs is home to a total of 12,500 sq. m of lab space dedicated to early-stage nanoscience research and programs to bridge the gap between basic science and R&D on these topics. The labs are organized around shared platforms like the Upstream Technological Platform (PTA), which is dedicated to early-stage research. Researchers from CNRS (France’s national center for scientific research) and Grenoble-Alpes University work side-by-side with CEA scientists via three joint research units, which recently merged to form the new Physics Department of the Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Grenoble (IRIG). Activities range from basic research to early proof-of-concept prototypes.




Contact: emmanuel.hadji@cea.fr

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